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Kenra Classic Clarifying Shampoo extracts, suspends, and eliminates build-up and other dulling deposits from hair.

- Work a small amount of Shampoo into wet hair and massage gently.
- Leave for 30 seconds and rinse
- Gentle enough for daily use on individuals using hard/well water as well as swimmers.
- Recommended weekly for individuals whose hair becomes dull due to mineral or meds

- Deeply cleanses to remove dulling deposits without drying hair or harming color

- Brightens highlighted, bleached or gray hair
- Maintains the look and feel of healthy hair for individuals using hard water and well water
Sodium Myreth Sulfate:  A highly concentrated primary cleansing ingredient noted for mildness that produces rich, dense lather when formulated with secondary cleansing ingredients
EDTA:  Blend of chelates/molecules that selectively attach or "lock on" to unwanted minerals and are removed in the mild lather
Witch Hazel and Grapefruit Extracts:  Natural plant extracts that are mild suspending agents for surface deposits

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