KMS Molding Paste for Natural Style Hair

2nd Dec 2012

The KMS Hair Play Molding Paste gives natural-looking soft hold and definition to my thick, coarse hair. On dry hair use it to control my bangs and any frizzy or unruly bits, and add light texture. Very good product for my fine hair. Molds it into a nice shape, controls flyaways and gives a great piece-y look to layers. it's as good as Pureology texture twist.

If you are funky hair lover along with the paste up spray, use this on hair when your hair is still damp. both products will give you punky and funky look straightway. KMS molding Paste will keeps everything in place while not being greasy/sticky and is extremely pliable, and also this KMS Paste has a faint lemony scent which doesn't really linger. no problems with washing this paste out too.

This is an amazing paste for short hair to give it texture and definition and amazing control. Perfect for men too, because it is quite matte. A lot of guys don't like to look like they have stuff in their hair. Use it in dry hair after you have styled it, to finish it, separating and defining little pieces. ( you could use it in wet hair and air dry just for added texture) It is quite potent. Use very very little or it will look white and gunky. if used correctly, it will not get greasy and weigh the hair down. It has a good strong holding ability, but stays somewhat pliable. This is good even for really fine hair.

This KMS Hair Product is Combined with S-Factor Smoothing Lusterizer, your hair be never looked better! Now Available at The Glamour Shop Only for £13.99