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Relaxing Tips for Color-Treated Hair


You want to be very cautious when relaxing color treated hair. If you do it the same day as your perm, when the cuticle layers of your hair are more open from the relaxer or perming process, the color will penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. This is both better for the conditioning benefits as well as making the color last longer. If it's a semi or demi-permanent color like SoftSheen-Carson's Dark and Lovely Reviving Color, they may also be done the same day, depending on the condition of your hair. However, for all permanent color, such as Dark and Lovely Permanent Color or Dark and Lovely Color Confidence for 100% gray coverage, we recommend that you wait at least 2 weeks after your perm or relaxer. This is the best possible timing for coloring relaxed or permed hair.

If you have color in your hair and plan to swim at any time in chlorinated water, you must protect your hair. The best way is to wear a swimming cap. If you can't, or won't do that, the next best way is to thoroughly wet your hair before you go into the water and apply some conditioner such as Roots of Nature® Reconstructing Deep Treatment or Roots of Nature Healing Thickening Cream and don't rinse it out. If you don't do this, the chlorine will absorbed into your hair and may cause your hair color to fade, develop a green cast or for darker colors to take on a brassy tone. If you already have the problem described above, you will need to do one or more clarifying treatments that will chelate out the chlorine from your hair. SoftSheen-Carson's Roots of Nature Nurturing Repair Shampoo is a great luxurious and purifying shampoo for the hair and scalp.

Remember that for every level of color that you want to go lighter than your natural shade, the dryer hair tends to become. This means that when you go from darker to lighter, it's an absolute must that you deep treat your hair on a regular basis.

When you color fine hair, it will process faster because of the porosity of fine hair.

When it comes to black hair, we recommend that you absolutely see a color professional if you are planning to make a major color change in your hair.

When you are going to color your hair at home, or have been doing so, we strongly recommend that you do a patch test. Instructions on how to do this should be described in the kit instructions included with your coloring kit. Briefly, what you do is mix up a small amount of the color formula and apply it to a small section at the back of your ear or in the fold of your arm and wait 24 hours to see if there are any allergic reactions to the new formula. If all is well, you may also want to do a strand test near the root area and process as per the color kits instructions. This way you will know the timing to achieve great color results. 

Temporary Hair Color: usually lasts from shampoo to shampoo and is deposited only on the outside of the hair.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color: usually lasts from 4-8 shampoos (depending on how they are processed) have no ammonia or peroxide. They can blend in grey and may become permanent on previously permed or colored hair. Dark and Lovely Reviving Color is the perfect choice.

Demi-Permanent Hair Color: usually does not contain ammonia and uses a low volume developer generally under 10 volume to help activate the color. They cannot lighten hair. They can stain the hair if there is a porosity issue and not be removed by shampooing especially on permed or previously colored hair depending on how they are processed.

Permanent Hair Color: changes the natural color of your hair. They can lighten or darken. They contain varying degrees of ammonia or other catalyst and are mixed with varying degrees of peroxide developers to form a color formula. They last about 4-8 weeks. These include Dark & Lovely Permanent Color and Dark and Lovely Color Confidence.

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