Palmers Stretch Mark Cream to Prevent Stretch Mark

22nd Dec 2012

If your stretch marks keep appearing and growing it was sad. Some oils for stretch marks, like bio oil and massage butters were oily, Palmers cocoa butter for stretch marks absorbs great and has nice beach smell and the most important thing – prevent stretch mark big time! it makes skin soft and supple.

If you continue to use this cream for stretch marks without stopping it will prevent and diminish the appearance of stretch marks. Stretch marks will never magically go away. Some people  happen to get them from a growth spurt. Using theses cocoa butter stretch marks Cream can prevent stretch marks. Always put on Palmers Cocoa Butter Cream on your skin to give it elasticity before you exercise, other wise exercising excessively may cause stretchmarks.

First off let me say how sorry I am to all the ladies this didn't work for, Im sure there is a cream out there that can help as a nurse. Sadly it is true that whether you get stretch marks or not is dictated by your genes, but keeping your skin well moisturized does lessen the damage.

Start using this Plamers stretch mark creme when you are early in  pregnancy as if you are  worried about stretch marks, massage this Creme onto your stomach, thighs, hips & breasts morning & night all through your pregnancy. Ask your partner to give gave a massages with it & it will be a wonderful bonding experience with your partner, baby & you. If the only good thing to come out of it is how much time you spent bonding & touching your baby before she/he born. After your baby is born continue using this stretch marks cream morning & night you will get good results. My some would disliked the smell at first and will be worried about putting it on my skin as it became extremely sensitive during pregnancy. Palmer's Cream never irritated your skin and will fell beautiful on.

This Palmer s cocoa butter formula Concentrated Cream (in the tube, not the pump bottle) with thicker texture works better because it forces you to take the time and massage it into the skin (and research shows that massage does more to prevent stretch marks than any lotion or cream alone can) and also is easier for travel with.

You wont belive how much of you success will be due to the constant moisturization of the skin prior and after stretching, and all credit to the massage motion, Don’t expect miracles, but will be very pleased with how things have turned out so far for you. Don’t stop using this cream until after you fit back into my old clothes, and use this cream with any future pregnancies.