La Riche Directions Colour Hair Dye 88ml (Pink Flamingo)

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La Riche Directions Colors Flamingo Pink 88ml

La Riche Directions Colors Flamingo Pink is a semi-permanent hair coloring. Before use, the hair must first be bleached, otherwise the desired effect will not be achieved. The La Riche Directions Colors are perfect to mix with each other for a unique color.

Directions colors from La Riche always bring the desired result. This bright hair coloring is used all over the world by top stylists. All La Riche colors can be mixed together for the most beautiful colors. La Riche Directions hair dye is best applied to chemically treated hair.

To keep the La Riche Directions color alive for longer, it is best to wash the hair with the La Riche Directions Color Protecting Shampoo and the La Riche Directions Color Protecting Conditioner .

La Riche Directions Flamingo Pink Use:

  • First wash the hair with the La Riche Directions Pre Color Shampoo . This shampoo gives the hair the correct acid balance for the best result.

  • Dry the hair with a towel.

  • Use gloves to apply La Riche Directions.

  • Apply La Riche Directions with a paintbrush and massage the paint evenly through the hair.

  • Comb La Riche Directions through the hair so that the dye is evenly distributed.

  • Leave La Riche Directions on for 15 to 30 minutes.

  • For more intensive coloring, cover the hair with a plastic cap or foil and let it act by means of a heat source.

  • Rinse the hair carefully until the water runs clear.

  • Make sure the face is protected when rinsing the color. Do not use shampoo.


  • Always use plastic gloves when applying La Riche Directions. When mixing hair colors, it is recommended to do a lock test first.

  • Do not use La Riche Directions in combination with peroxide.

  • Do not use La Riche Directions on lashes.

  • Do not use shampoo with conditioner. This ensures a shorter shelf life.

Note: The colors you see on the webshop are an INDICATION of the final color. The final color depends on your own hair color, the processing time and the hair type. Test La Riche Directions on a small section of hair to see how the color plays out.

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