MagiColor Professional Permanent Creme Color (8.43) Golden Copper Blonde 100ml

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MagiColor Permanent Hair Dyeing Cream Color with Regenerating Properties of Vitamins for Hair 100ml
Vitamin A + B3 + C 
Prevent hair damaged from harsh chemical, a line of products that combine the best between nature and science. Maximum respect to your hair and scalp.
Kleral MagiColor Permanent hair color must be used with Stabilized peroxide in a portion of 1 part Dyeing cream + 2 part peroxide. Kleral Cream color contains 100ml tube and allows 2 complete application.
Application on Natural or dyed Hair:
- Suggested Peroxide Strength 20 Volume
- Dose Half a Tube Kleral Milk Color + 100ml Peroxide
- Before the application do not wash your hair
- During the application comb your hair at intervals to even the cream out and facilitate its action
- Application time 25 - 35 Minutes approx. 
- When time is up pour some warm water on your hair color mixture, combine gently 
- Wait few seconds and then rinse
Application on Bleached Hair:
- Suggested Peroxide Strength 20 Volume
- Suggested Shades 9, 10
- Bleach your hair with de-coloring cream mixture (Kleral Bleaching Powder) until it gets lightest possible
- Wash well and towel dry
- For Middle Bleached Hair Half a Tube Kleral MagiColor Color Cream + 100ml Peroxide
- For Strong Bleached Hair whenever needed thin the cream still further
- General Application time 25 - 35 Minutes approx, depending on the state and degree of the hair's receptivity.
- When time is up pour some warm water on your hair color mixture, combine gently 
- Wait few seconds and then rinse.

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